Nature is an amazing place to be, and it's even more fun with your dog.

Camping with your four-legged companion can be a load of fun, and it's something that both of you can enjoy together. From exploring new trails to being able to take in the abundance of fresh air around, it can be an enjoyable, memory-filled adventure. If you're planning on or want to go camping with your canine companion soon, here are five tricks you should know so you can have an amazing trip.

Plan Before Your Trip

Before your trip, you want to ensure you have everything planned so your trip can go smoothly.

You can plan ahead by:

  • Researching pet-friendly camping grounds like Tentrr
  • Taking your dog to the vet to keep him up to date on his shots
  • Reserving your camping spot early to ensure you have a spot
  • Planning break times for your dog on the way to the camping site
  • Making sure your dog has undergone obedience training
  • Getting high-quality pet gear (harness, collars, leash, etc.)

Some apps can also help prepare your dog for the trip. A couple of popular ones include:

  • Vetster
  • Chewy
  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid
  • Puppr, GoodPup

Some people believe that camping and hiking are just for the big dogs. However, this isn’t true! In reality, many small dogs love camping like the Jack Terrier Russel and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These little ones are incredibly energetic, and the outdoors is one of their favorite places due to their background in herding cattle and fox hunting.

While these little guys enjoy the outdoors, you should do a little more research on the right trails and hikes to go on that won’t be too difficult for them if you’re planning on doing activities like that.

Train, Train, Train!

Another big step is ensuring you and your dog are physically fit and ready for the journey.

You want to work yourself up the ladder of advancement by taking small steps such as:

  • Taking longer walks
  • Going outdoors more often (If you haven’t already)
  • Socializing your dogs with other dogs, people, and animals
  • Having a little backyard campout

Actions like these will make it easier for your dog to be able to make it traveling through the wild. However, don’t forget that breaks are just as important as physical fitness. Train yourself to look at your dog’s behavior and know when they need a break during the trip.

Your dog may need a break if you notice:

  • Differences in breathing or moving
  • A loss of self-control
  • Over-excitation
  • A lot of yawning
  • Inattentiveness to commands
  • Constantly trying to lie down
  • A loss of interest in his surroundings

Bring Lots Of Food And Water

Proper nutrition and hydration are fundamental in making it through a camping trip. Therefore you should ensure you bring your dog’s food, lots of water, and treats to make your dog as comfortable as you can before, during, and after the journey. Collapsable dog bowls and leak-proof dog bowl water bottles will be a great addition to the things you should bring with your dogs.

Pack Protection From The Elements

When going out into different temperatures and weather conditions, it’s important to pack protection!

Jackets, coats, and tarps will be important go-to’s for you and your dog during rainy, windy, or cold weather. However, during the extreme heat, you may need a cooling vest for your canine companion to keep them cool. You should also invest in dog booties to protect your dog’s precious paws from the cold or hot rocky terrain they may have to travel. For dogs who don’t like booties look into paw waxes to keep their paws conditioned and protected.

Leave No Trace Behind

Leaving no trace behind essentially means leaving nature the way you found it, which is extremely important when camping.

Ways that you can leave no trace include:

  • Safely putting out any fires you start
  • Picking up all trash you use during your trip
  • Picking up all of your dog’s poop
  • Preventing your dog from disturbing the wildlife around him (not chasing animals, no loud barking, etc.)

Camping Checklist: What Should You Bring:

Here are some of the most important things you should bring with your dog on your trip:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Treats
  • Collapsible dog bowl
  • Leak-proof water bottles
  • First aid kits
  • Bags for doggie poop
  • Toys
  • Paw protection
  • Jackets, sleeping bags, and tarps
  • Grooming wipes

Camping with your dog can be a memory-filled, bonding experience between you and your dog. These five important tricks you should know before camping with your dog will help make your trip 10x more simple.

The majority of Tentrr's campsites welcome pets. You can spot our pet-friendly sites by finding the icon below in the "Site Highlights" section of the campsite listing.

So, invite Fido along on your next camping trip with Tentrr. You’ll never know what adventures you'll run into when camping with your canine pal!