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Welcome to Tentrr Camping in Puerto Rico

Camping in Puerto Rico is Part 1 of my camping information series. This camping experience was really a memorable experience for me and I really feel proud to say that I have experienced camping in a foreign country, especially one as beautiful as Puerto Rico. My wife and I had our choice to visit one of the many popular campgrounds in Puerto Rico, which is located in Bay Islands. We also had the option to visit a national park, which has its own attractions. The third choice would be to choose a camping ground in Puerto Rico's interior, such as Cancun State Park.

Our choice to camp at the national park gave us an opportunity to explore Cancun's marine biodiversity hotspots, including an underwater tour in its shallow bed of volcanic rocks. It also gave us the chance to hike along a nature trail that follows Cancun's seashore, starting from the trailhead just a few meters away from our tent. Despite being in a relatively small camping area, we still managed to find enough space to cook and eat. On the way back from hiking in Cancun, we met a family of five who were also hiking in the same trail. Their encounter with local birds and butterflies made it memorable. Once we reached the campsite, we unpacked our bags, packed our bags and headed for a great night of sleep in our rusty yet pretty Puerto Rican campfire.

As we drove back to our campground, we passed by a long metal bridge leading to another overlook of the Caribbean Sea. We parked our RV and prepared to spend the day exploring the waters and hiking trails of the island. Although the hike to the ocean was a very long and arduous one, we finally arrived at our campground after two long and exhausting days. We spent the whole day enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding the campground, even hiking along some of the trails near our toilets, where a faint aroma of chicken soup wafted out into the cool breeze.

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