A better way to camp

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About Tentrr

Discover and book the best, fully outfitted tent camping in the United States. Tentrr’s ready-to-go campsites are the newest way to experience the great outdoors. With a vast network of sites across the country on beautiful private and public lands, we are interconnecting campers, landowners and communities while revolutionizing the way people camp.
Less roughing it, more enjoying it!

The Tentrr ecosystem

Tentrr provides new income streams for land trusts and landowners, supports local economies, conserves natural lands, boosts tourism, provides access to public land and gets more people into nature.

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Campers (Guests)

Tentrr connects campers to unforgettable outdoor experiences across amazing private properties, state parks and public lands.

Iconic Tentrr Signature site with canvas wall tent.

Tentrr Hosts

Tentrr provides landowners across the U.S. an opportunity to earn income from their property while boosting local economies through a Signature site (Tentrr’s iconic platform + canvas wall tent) or a Backcountry site (where campers bring their own camping gear).

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State Parks and Public Lands

Partnering with state parks and public lands across the United States, Tentrr curates amazing ready-to-camp sites allowing visitors to experience and enjoy the park like never before.

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Tentrr builds communities. For every new Tentrr site, jobs are created, local economies are supported and friendships are made.

Our values

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Tentrr Signature Sites are designed to minimize the impact to Mother Nature. From our NASA Loo Bags to the minimized footprint that allows water to flow underneath our campsite platforms, Tentrr sites are thoughtfully designed to protect nature while maximizing fun.
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Make a difference

Tentrr Hosts provide campers with a place to make memories in the outdoors. And there aren’t many things better than a weekend in nature with your family and friends.
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We've got you covered

Tentrr provides extensive customer experience support and a Tentrr Hosts Insurance Protection program. Email us for more info.

Our story

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Tentrr started by filling a void and need.  

Finding a good campsite is hard. Setting up camp and preparing equipment for camping is a hassle.
Sleeping on the ground is fun but uncomfortable (and wet if it rains).

Amazing forests, rivers, hiking trails exist on private land and landowners want to share their slice of heaven.

Tentrr was born from connecting campers with private and public land through an easy-to-use online platform. Tentrr’s campsite equipment is the same across all sites so the accommodation experience is consistent and comfortable.

Tentrr offers the most expansive network of ready-to-camp accommodations across the US on Public and Private Lands allowing you to create lasting memories and experiences outside.

Discover camping in the following states:

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The Tentrr network is growing every day.
If you are a landowner that wants to earn money from their land click here to learn more
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