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Apple Apologized For Its iPad Pro Ad That Everyone Hated

Apple Apologized For Its iPad Pro Ad That Everyone Hated
There was a lot of vitriol tossed at Tim Cook as people reacted to the new iPad Pro 'Crush!' commercial.
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Update: 05/10: The company has since apologized, and Apple VP of Marketing Tor Myhren told Ad Age they "missed the mark."

TV commercials often cause an uproar of backlash when things take a truly shocking, offensive or tone deaf turn. The Pepsi ad from a few years ago got people (rightfully) riled up, and today's talk of the town is the new iPad commercial, in which the company's thinnest product yet is seen being made after literally putting an entire scene through a hydraulic press.

It's quite the heavy-handed metaphor for the "all-in-one" capabilities this device offers, but people thought it was too clumsy a portrayal. A lot of people online thought this was a bad omen while others felt it was a slap in the face to loyal Apple fans and anyone who cared deeply about the creative process.

While the iPad will never truly replace musical instruments, a pen and paper, or oil paints on canvas, a lot of folks felt the commercial signified Apple's intent to (literally) flatten the creative process. Corporate marketing is intended to get you talking about the product, remember the ad and spread the word; and that's what happened.


  1. Jason V Brock 2 days ago

    This is a terrible commercial, but it is a very apt epitaph for how the Internet has flattened life and creativity generally.

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