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People Rapping About Drake's Butt, And This Week's Other Best Memes, Ranked

People Rapping About Drake's Butt, And This Week's Other Best Memes, Ranked
Featuring some top-tier jokes about the biggest fashion event of the year.
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Here at Digg, we try our best to cover the most important and confounding memes that come across the timeline. But the web is littered with tons of great memes that never quite hit the mainstream and instead just bounce around the weird corners of Twitter or Reddit. Enter our recurring feature, Memes, Ranked.

This week, we've got reactions to Anya Taylor-Joy's interesting outfit, Met Gala memes and the latest wrinkle in the Kendrick Lamar-Drake beef.

3. Anya Taylor-Joy's dress

The Meme

Anya Taylor-Joy is an exceptionally talented actress, and most (if not all) of the things she's been in are good and worth watching. She also happens to be a fashion icon, a trendsetter and a red carpet diva, always showing up looking divine. So at the premiere of her new film "Furiosa," she turned up wearing... something. It's something, I guess! People had some thoughts on the unique look — mostly the same "Lord of the Rings" joke — but a few jokes stood out as being quite original and funny.


*Jared Russo

2. Met Gala 2024

The Meme

On May 6, everyone who's anyone gathered for the annual Met Gala, the biggest and most prestigious fashion event in the world. This year's theme was "The Garden of Time," and the night's attendees approached the brief in very different ways.

We've rounded up the internet's takes on the 2024 Met Gala's weirdest, wildest and most disappointing looks here — but, as is the case every year, plenty of memes about the night were shared online, too.


Darcy Jimenez

1. BBL Drizzy

The Meme

There has been a lot of ink spilled over the Kendrick Lamar and Drake rap beef recently, but K.Dot isn't the only one gunning for Drizzy Drake. Metro Boomin, a noted producer, put out a remixed version of an AI-aided R&B song called "BBL Drizzy" that's about Drake's rear end. Even worse, Metro then offered up one of his beats for free to whoever could diss Drake the best using that song.

Since then, "BBL Drizzy" has taken off on social media — especially on TikTok. While we don't love thinking about Drake's butt so much, there is something particularly funny about crowd-sourcing rap beef.


@theblackspeed Steve Urkel accepts the challenge @Metro Boomin #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway #kendricklamar #drake #funny #funny #familymatters #openversechallenge #freestyle ♬ original sound - TheBlackSpeed
@nemraps Drake visits his plastic surgeon #bbldrizzy #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway #drake #kendricklamar #fyp #funny #freestyle #openversechallenge @Metro Boomin ♬ drakes doctor raps bbl Drizzy - NemRaps
@charliecurtisb i aint got a side in the Kendrick Drake beef, but A FREE BEAT FROM @Metro Boomin ♬ original sound - Charlie Curtis-Beard
@jaezole Replying to @Digitaldean metro made it a group project😭 @Metro Boomin #metroboomin #drake #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway #kendricklamar ♬ original sound - Jae Zole
@loveaquamoon It aint a repass without trumpets right? I havent played in months but yall was having too much so I had to get some too 🎺 #bbldrizzy #bbldrake #bbldrizzychallenge #metroboomin #foryou #trumpetplayer ♬ original sound - Shelly T

BBL Drizzy

♬ original sound - W6RST
@adityasivakumar11 I AM IN YOUR WALLS DRAKE #bbldrizzy ♬ original sound - RapPlug🌏

Grant Brunner

And if you're hungry for more memes, here's the last edition of "The Week's Best Memes,", which included misheard song lyrics, JoJo Siwa's bizarre new dance, throuples going to see "Challengers" and a rapper that really should have done a fact-check before releasing their new song.

[Image credit: @nemraps]


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